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  • Michelle Rogers

My Experience at the London School of Reflexology

I wanted to write a little about my experience at the London School of Reflexology, as I feel it may be helpful to anyone who is thinking about taking up a course there.

I studied at the London School of Reflexology in 2015 so some of the information may have changed but it should hopefully let you get the gist of it.

I spent a while looking around at different Reflexology courses online, and the main reason I chose to study at the London School of Reflexology is that the tutor, Louise Keet, is the author of The Reflexology Bible, a book which I had received as a gift a couple of months prior to booking the course. The course is also based at the prestigious Regents Park University, which really appealed to me as it felt very professional and it was easy for me to travel to.

On the first day, I arrived to a class full of people of all different ages and backgrounds and was also greeted by Louise. She gave an overview of what the course was going to be like and I was very excited to get started. Louise not only looks at teaching the Reflexology sequence, but also focuses on the holistic approach to health which I found very interesting as it helps me to give good advice to my clients and also helps me to look after my own health too.

For the first few weekends we gradually went through the Reflexology sequence. Louise would always ensure we were doing it correctly and would give us individual attention when needed. We would also all receive Reflexology treatments during practice sessions which were so nice and relaxing! It was great to also experience what it felt like to receive the treatment and also reap the benefits of it over the weeks too. As well as practicing the sequence, we would also regularly get into group discussions regarding various different topics such as different health conditions, dietary information, how to act as a therapist and many other useful subjects. It was a very interactive course so be prepared to talk to your fellow classmates and join in group chats.

There are a lot of projects to complete which need to be done outside the class, so don't think that the course will be a breeze. Overall there are three written assignments, 10 practice hours, 6 case studies (10 hours of each), 3 in class assessments, completion of anatomy and physiology books, common and less common pathologies unit, and 27 further hours of clinic notes. I was working a full time job whilst taking the course, so I spent many evenings and weekends completing all the work. A number of people on my course did have to extend beyond the course end date, so I would advise that if you were to do the course, make sure you keep on top of the work throughout the year as it is very easy to fall behind.

A great tip that Louise encourages us to do whilst practicing Reflexology is to give treatments to people that may help lead us to opportunities for when we qualify. Taking up this advice, I chose to not only treat my friends and family, but also people I didn't know around my local area by offering free home visit treatments. This helped to build my confidence, spread the word about reflexology and also helped me gain a couple of future clients for once I had qualified.

The written assignments are really useful too, not only do they cover pretty much everything you need to know about Reflexology, but they also look at the business side, encouraging us to produce marketing material and set our company up ready for when we qualify. I produced my company name, logo, website and leaflets in the duration of the course and was ready to start straight away, this was really beneficial as it took a lot longer than you would initially think!

I couldn't recommend the course enough. Everyone was really friendly, Louise is a great teacher and I always enjoyed going to classes. When I qualified I really felt prepared and confident enough to start practicing professionally on my own straight away.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask please donate hesitate to post comment on this post.

For more information on the diploma in Reflexology visit Louise Keet’s London School of Reflexology website.