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Reflexology is an ancient form of healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. It works on the principle that there are specific reflex points on the hands and feet that are connected to every part of the body, including organs and glands. By applying pressure to these points, we can unblock energy channels, relieve tension, and help your body heal itself. 

Reflexology may help with - 

  • Reducing stress and anxiety 

  • Releasing tension

  • Balancing hormones

  • Helping you through your pregnancy and postpartum journey

  • Improving sleep

I am currently only offering limited home visits around the Reading area. Please get in touch to book

£65 for one hour

Pregnancy Test

Reflexology for Fertility

How can Reflexology help fertility?

Reflexology can be beneficial whether you are trying to conceive, going through IVF or if you have any menstrual/hormonal issues. 

The treatment involves working on pressure points in the feet relating to the reproductive and endocrine system which can help to restore imbalances in those areas.

Having regular Reflexology treatments may help to regulate cycles and ease symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

I can also assist with cycle tracking and diet and lifestyle advice. 

Reflexology also works really well with fertility massage

Image by Devon Divine

Reflexology for Pregnancy

How can Reflexology help during pregnancy?

- Calms the nervous system which may help reduce stress and anxiety 

- Working reflexology points such as the spine, hips and pelvis will help release tension in the body

- The endocrine system will be balanced and stimulated which can help the release of oxytocin (which is needed to go into labour!)

- Reflexology will help you feel nurtured, soothed and supported in the lead up to birth 

- Specific reflex points such as the uterus point will be stimulated to help encourage labour (from 39 weeks)

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