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Period/Fertility Consultation

Do you suffer with painful periods, irregular periods, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, light periods, heavy periods, missing periods, PMS, spotting, weight gain, bloating fatigue or anything to do with hormones?


This is an opportunity to have a one hour call with me to discuss any women's health issues you may be experiencing. I will send you a detailed consultation form for you to fill out prior to our call as this helps me to make the most of the one hour we have together. 

During our call will we go through your consultation form and I can offer advice and plans regarding your cycles, diet, stress, nutrition and more to help period and/or fertility issues you may be experiencing. 

You may benefit from just one call with me, however following this call I can give guidance on the best ways to continue working with me through either one on one calls which can include a mixture of coaching, hypnosis, reflexology and breathwork.


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