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How can Reflexology help prepare me for birth?

There are so many benefits to receiving reflexology during pregnancy and in the lead up to birth which include:

  • Specific reflexology points such as the uterus will be stimulated to help encourage labour

  • The nervous system can be calmed which will help to reduce stress and anxiety surrounding birth

  • The endocrine system can be balanced and stimulated which can help the release of oxytocin (which is needed to go into labour!)

  • The spine, hips and pelvis reflexes will be worked to help release tension in the body

  • Reflexology will help you feel nurtured, soothed and supported in the lead up to birth

During my pregnancy I received regular reflexology treatments which helped ease symptoms and allowed me to stay calm and relaxed.

During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I had weekly reflexology that worked reflex points which can help bring on labour. My labour started the day before my due date and I truly believe reflexology helped with this!

If you are currently pregnant and would like to receive reflexology please message me to book in for some reflexology 👣

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